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With the unfortunate decline of Comixfan a couple years ago, the site’s discussion threads were preserved by cxPulp (formerly Comixtreme).

Unfortunately, cxPulp will be reformatting and reverting to Comixtreme losing all former content.

Fortunately, Capes (Optional) is working on preserving many of the discussions threads, primarily “Who Watches the Watchers” discussion threads.

We are happy to welcome everyone to continue these discussions, some dating back to 2004.

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The Dark Knight Strikes Back (2001) – In Review

Back in the day Frank Miller gave the world the landmark miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, telling the story of Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl of the Batman several years after leaving it all behind. The story remains acclaimed as an alternate future tale of a grim and gritty older Batman taking on enemies in more than one battlefield as he tries to reclaim Gotham City. <continue reading>