Gotham “A Legion of Horribles” (2016.05.16) – In Review

“A Legion of Horribles” moves things forward in the penultimate episode of season two of Gotham, and the sub-title ‘Wrath of the Villains’ that has underlined the second half of the season seems entirely fitting. The episode is dominated by the machinations of Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong), his agenda, and the efforts of more than one party to find a way to bring the professor down once and for all. <continue reading>

Gotham “Pinewood” (2016.04.18) – In Review

“Pinewood” – an enigmatic title for the latest episode of Gotham, but as things go along, the reason for that title becomes clear, and has links to the overlying story arcs of this season and far before, with the Wayne murders and Hugo Strange’s work linked into what basically comes down to a code word for a secret project. Along the way, three primary story lines play out. <continue reading>