X-Files “Babylon” (2016.02.15) – In Review

“Babylon” – a reference to the biblical and historical city and the tale of the Tower of Babel. It’s also the title for the fifth episode of season ten for The X-Files, an episode that is light on the supernatural elements of the series, and yet fitting in with the mood of the series. It takes on the issue of international terrorism, mixes in the tensions of religion and bigotry, and brings in a couple of younger agents who are counterparts to the protagonists of the series. <continue reading>

X-Files “Home Again” (2016.02.08) – In Review

“Home Again” turns out to be an up and down episode for season ten of The X-Files. Glen Morgan, who had a hand in many episodes of the initial run, such as “Squeeze”, “Tooms”, “Home”, and “Beyond the Sea”, writes and directs this episode. That last episode, from season one, which featured the death of William Scully (Don S. Davis) and its effect on Scully (Gillian Anderson), figures prominently in this episode. <continue reading>

X-Files “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” (2016.02.01) – In Review

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”; the very title suggests this is going to be the sort of episode that shouldn’t be taken seriously. As much as The X-Files in the past has featured science fiction, horror, and supernatural elements throughout, there’s always been an underlying sense of humour, often shown through the interactions of the characters. Occasionally though there have been episodes winking at the audience, fused with a rich satirical, quirky edge that leave the audience laughing. <continue reading>

X-Files “Founder’s Mutation” (2016.01.25) – In Review

“Founder’s Mutation” is the second episode of The X-Files season ten, written and directed by James Wong, who was one of the regular writer – directors of the series through its initial run. His work includes the classic episodes “Home” and “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man”, and this episode continues with the theme of the mythology arc, while bringing into the equation Mulder and Scully’s feelings about the son they gave up for adoption in order to protect him. <continue reading>

X-Files “My Struggle” (2016.01.24) – In Review

The X-Files returns to television for a six episode limited run, a curious thing. The first episode makes it clear that this is not a reboot (incidentally, I hate that word), but a continuation, with time having had passed, but the main characters still being played by the same actors, and the sense of paranoia and strong science fiction playing out through the episode. <continue reading>