Doctor Who “Mummy on the Orient Express” (2014.10.11) – In Review

In the weeks following her traumatic experience on the Moon, Clara (Jenna Coleman) finds that her furious anger toward the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has somewhat abated. She concedes, despite disapproval from Danny (Samuel Alexander), to let the Doctor take her on “one last hurrah” in the TARDIS. They arrive in the future on board an intergalactic craft modelled after an old Orient Express train, in which they and other human passengers are dressed in the style of the period. <continue reading>

Doctor Who “Into the Dalek” (2014.08.30) – In Review

In deep space, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) saves a rebel fighter pilot called Journey Blue (Zawe Ashton) from destruction at the hands of the Daleks.  He returns her to her command ship, the Aristotle, only to find himself facing execution as a suspected spy for the Daleks.  Journey intervenes and suggests to her leaders that they use the Doctor to help with a special ‘patient’, a war-damaged Dalek which has somehow developed a conscience and turned good. <continue reading>

Doctor Who “Deep Breath” (2014.08.23) – In Review

In Victorian-age London, a fearsome dinosaur materialises and spits out the TARDIS onto the banks of the River Thames.  The Paternoster Gang – comprised of Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), her human maid Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and her Sontaran butler Strax (Dan Starkey) – race to the scene to find Clara (Jenna Coleman) and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) emerging from the TARDIS. <continue reading>

Doctor Who – “Aliens of London” (2005.04.16) – In Review

After their adventure in Cardiff in 1869, the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) intends to return in the TARDIS with Rose (Billie Piper) to London twelve hours after their original departure, but mistakenly arrives twelve months after they left.  Unaware of the error, Rose goes back home where her mother Jackie (Camille Coduri) is shocked to see her.  Having believed that her daughter was abducted and murdered, <continue reading>