Doctor Who “The Unquiet Dead” (2005.04.09) – In Review

Travelling in the TARDIS, the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose (Billie Piper) arrive in Cardiff on Christmas Eve in 1869.  At a funeral parlour close by, a strange blue gas seeps into the corpse of the recently deceased Mrs. Peace (Jennifer Hill), bringing her back to life.  The undead woman rises up out of her coffin, kills her grieving grandson (Huw Rhys) and heads off into the cold night, <continue reading>

Doctor Who “Rose” (2005.03.26) – In Review

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is leading a perfectly normal life in London, living at home with her mother Jackie (Camille Coduri), coasting along in a non-committal relationship with boyfriend Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke), and working in a busy department store in the city centre.  Her mundane existence is disturbed one evening when the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) arrives and rescues her from the Autons,  <continue reading>

Doctor Who “The End of the World” (20105.04.02) – In Review

Five billion years into the future, the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose (Billie Piper) land on Platform One, a space station orbiting the Earth. The vessel is an observation deck designed for a select party of wealthy aliens to witness the last moments of Earth from behind the safety of a protective shield. Earth, once inhabited, is on the brink of destruction as the Sun now rapidly expands. <continue reading>