C(O)de of C(O)nduct

Capes (Optional) is an all ages site and we ask that you know and follow the rules:

English Only
As an all ages site, all discussion must be in English.

Spam has no place on the site, including signatures, or private messages, and is subject to warning. Any account created to post spam is subject to immediate closing.

Online petitions are not permitted and may be considered spam.

Multiple Accounts
Only one account per member is permitted.  Duplicate accounts for a single member will be deleted and a warning will be given. If you wish to change your user name, please contact the site administrator.

Foul Language
Although we have taken precautions against questionable language, it is essential that our members do not swear, or are crude or insulting in discussion.  This extends to any external links, images, or articles posted by members.

Stay on Topic
Please be certain that new discussion thread are created in the appropriate area.  When joining an existing discussion, try to stay on the original topic otherwise start a new discussion thread. New topics or off topic posts may be moved.

You can always share spoilers, but not everyone wants to read them.  Be certain that spoilers are contained within spoiler tags for anyone not wanting to be spoiled. New revelations are considered spoilers for a month for comic book, television programs, theatrical movies, etc.

When posting a rumour, be clear that other readers know it is a rumour and in many cases may be considered a spoiler.  Be certain of your sources.

Discussion of the distribution of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden.

Posting Articles
Plagiarism and breach of copyright is very serious.  Do not post entire articles.  Members may post a portion of an article or a link to the original article.

Do not embed images into posts.  If you wish to refer to an image, you may post a web link (URL) to the image.

Site Features
Please do not overuse site features, like smilies.  For example, a should post contain no more than 2-5 smilies and your signature should be no more than 4 lines long.

Duplicate Posts
Please avoid making multiple consecutive posts in a thread.  If you have more to add to a post, please use the edit function while it is available.

Redundant Posts
Making the same post in multiple places is not permitted.  Similarly, be certain to scan existing discussions so that the same topic or question is not posted multiple times.

Rude Behaviour
We encourage healthy criticism, but we do not permit any mean spirited or defamatory comments towards creators/professionals. Keep all arguments intelligent and constructive.  We do not allow any mean spirited attacks on other posters including name-calling.  If you find yourself at the receiving end of such a post, report it and do not reply in kind.  Allow the moderators to deal with the infraction.

Private Discussion
Private e-mails, PM, etc., must not be posted without full permission of all involved and must remain private.

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