Here are the various sections within the main Capes (Optional) site.  The Features section is available by all, and the Discussions section is only available to registers visitors.  As a registered visitor you will be able to reply to any post on the site, and even start your own discussion in the Discussions section. Please ensure you are familiar with the Code of Conduct before making any posts to the site. It isn’t hard to find the area best for you, but perhaps this quick list will help:

Capes (Optional) Features – Our published media:  Read, enjoy, and reply where possible.

Capes (Optional) Discussions – Your thoughts:  Start a discussion or join an existing one.

  • The Big Screen – discussions about theatrical and other public releases
  • The Small Screendiscussion about television and other private releases
  • The Printed Page – discussion about books, comics books and other printed materials
  • Digital Adventures – discussion about video games, new and old
  • Music and Audio Adventures – discussion about audio dramas, old radio dramas, and even you favourite musical releases
  • The Real World – discussion about reality television, and even real news if you like.  (You can even make suggestions for site improvement in a sub-section here.)
  • Friends of Capes (Optional) – a collection of like-minded friends you may wish to visit.